Take a big, deep breath it’s almost over. Purposefully breathe till all thoughts become less sober.
Come now, and be aware of each breath and concentrate.  The pain within will soon drain away
and then it will all have to dissipate.

Of course, this hurt would desire to take
a fresh choice seat where it would wait until the brain could hardly function, much less be available to compete.

Remember to move outwards to receive love from others as a form of sweet relief. Choosing to go completely away from yourself,


            Breathe in faith; But, be cautioned to know, that your most treasured desire, may come along sort of slow. But, breathe anyway and then believe that the Breath of the Lord through his grace, will somehow sustain you and substantiate.

And when one part of you questions,“How long before I’m through?” The voice within will know just what to do. Clearly it will answer from deep in the heart and quietly remind:

“You must breathe your deep breaths….Breath in for peace and exhale out for rest…

Know that our healing comes along only as we conform and take deep breaths….


This Is How I Feel

Everything is different.

Nothing is the same.

Though the paths I take,

on this earth,

they stubbornly remain.

While going through my day,

I can’t help but think and ponder as

I sub-consciously look around

for you—

in everything I say and do.

Now that you’re gone away,

we each and separately make our mind’s list

of all the rights and wrongs—

all those things that we said and completed

strictly during your time.

Though for me, I find, that

keeping the same routine

is still a very good way

to keep me on my path of peace

for each morning’s sunny ray.

But vast emptiness and

missing you has really taken hold—a new

access road–which now has taken it’s abode

and holds my tears at bay.

For everyone who wants to

know the way in which I feel,

let me say, without a doubt that

my senses have declared

a VACANCY and great desolatation

in the center of my being

for which, I guess, this feeling

always shall remain…