Offices and private homes had

amply been supplied—there were

enticing holiday goodies for all,

most difficult to deny. 


Orange-colored, carved faces

were seen in most places, and

grocery stores on every corner

stocked sweet treats by the cases.

In addition, popular decor included

glowing, stringy spider webs and witches

with pointy black hats. They stirred

pot-bellied recipes of great flying bats.

With their painted on toothless smiles,

one could tell they knew—

which black-magic worked best for

which evil brew.


These yearly rituals—familiar to most,

and considered to be

all in fun, now spawn only

melancholy thoughts of you.

For it was around this time last year

that evil was allowed to be unleashed to

release a murderous demon of death and

despair.  Regretfully, once its assignment 

had been completed you disappeared

into thin air.

Now shall I forever hate to see

bright, orange-colored carved faces,

and the once-a-year

commonly displayed chocolatey,

sweet, treat-filled cases


When Grief Enters In

The waves of flowing tears to be cried simply seem uncountable. Un-doubtable, are the numerous ways in which we find to ask,“Why”–a question that, though we may try, remains unanswered for our cores inconsolable.

One’s heart takes a sigh with dry and uncontrolled heaves while hollowed out eyes will choose to relieve, no longer. The burden so heavy, the eyes can no more cry. This is pure grief! Moreover, everyone suffers when a loved one dies.

But, there are those who feel that certain killings are no big deal cause we play the game called: “Tit for Tat.” But, when that precious one is made to die (whether white or black), emotions rise, and their families are called to lack.

Regardless of our past, or pains of yesterday, we have no right to strike to purposely put out someone’s life. And, to those who choose to make slight during times when devastation is wrought, just wait a while—See how it feels when your loved one is somehow caught.

The enormous amount of unjustified and uncaring remarks we read and hear clearly are not well thought out, nor could they be considered as smart. Why would we choose to add depraved insults and further damage to an already poor and sickened Heart?

Created so that we each bleed red, when grief enters in, ample time must be given to mend. I know this as a fact because it was just a short while ago when my only son was called out to succumb. Unfortunately, my boy was killed by the pop of an evil man’s gun.

Yesterday it was a cop who, much too quickly, lost his life. He too was someone’s son. And they say he had a wife. At the end of the day, one truth remains. Whether cop or not, as human beings in this race, we cannot escape.

Misery comes to each and circumstances, in this debate, should call to all to share in pain. For in times of sorrow we are to bear. But, perhaps one day we’ll finally see. When grief enters in, we all fit with-in the same sad skin.

It Matters

People say they’re ready for something new.  But, actually they just want more of the same.  Just dress up the same idea in a brand new suit.  The things we say and do, it matters!

Why We Kill and Hate

Hey, what’s in the weed these days,
and who spiked the punch?
Is it the “red” dye in our
Kool-Aid drink that makes us
hate everyone else so much?

What makes a young man kill his own
brother–shoot him down in the street—no
concern for his family, or of a broken
mother’s heartbeat?

What happened to a people who years
before together worked and played
when positive were the goals which,
back in the day, called us all to behave?

Down through the generations, things for us,
somehow changed. But looking back, our
newly adopted attitudes have groomed
many a short grave.

Instead of striving for change, we hurry
on the way to medicate our pain. But, what’s
in the weed these days? Does it simply serve
to numb our brains?

How did we get to this lost place of deceit?
Is there no way to find a return for sweet relief?
What if we took the time to find a more
sober way of life? Are we too drawn to this
never-ending strife?

Though we have all liberties, we choose to repeat.
Perhaps there’s something in the weed
holding us within
it’s vicious cycle
of apathy, guilt and sin.

Why, Where & When?

Why are we demonstrating and rioting for those killed by the police while we virtually ignore the 93% murder rate for black on black crime?  Are those boys murdered by a “brother” not just as dead, or just as important as the few that are now and then killed by the police?  Where are the calls to action against gang violence?  When will we get tired of cleaning up the blood of our sons in our streets?