Offices and private homes had

amply been supplied—there were

enticing holiday goodies for all,

most difficult to deny. 


Orange-colored, carved faces

were seen in most places, and

grocery stores on every corner

stocked sweet treats by the cases.

In addition, popular decor included

glowing, stringy spider webs and witches

with pointy black hats. They stirred

pot-bellied recipes of great flying bats.

With their painted on toothless smiles,

one could tell they knew—

which black-magic worked best for

which evil brew.


These yearly rituals—familiar to most,

and considered to be

all in fun, now spawn only

melancholy thoughts of you.

For it was around this time last year

that evil was allowed to be unleashed to

release a murderous demon of death and

despair.  Regretfully, once its assignment 

had been completed you disappeared

into thin air.

Now shall I forever hate to see

bright, orange-colored carved faces,

and the once-a-year

commonly displayed chocolatey,

sweet, treat-filled cases