My Angel

Are you my angel?  Are you sitting

in His arms looking down at me?

Do you see me when I smile? Are you

by now completely worry free?

How did you so quickly make your

move into His presence?  Was there a

struggle as you entered into His

very sweet essence?

We’re you surprised to finally realize

that earth’s work for you had so

suddenly all been satisfied?

People tell me every day that I

must soon let you go your way.

Sometimes I try to let you go—but,

Lord knows the surrender is such a

tough road to tow.

Then on those days when once again,

your dad explains those things to me,

I find a moment of sweet peace while

thoughts of love come to abide in all clarity.

And, in my mind’s eye I can see that you surely

must look down, but bear no frown for me.

For you, my Angel and your brilliant smile remain

steady and unapologetically in the daily reflections

of silly old me.


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