Simply Divisive

The Black Lives Matter movement is divisive and a detriment to our country.  This is especially true when we consider the fact that the percentage of black deaths at the hands of other blacks is at 93%.

On October 30, 2014, after coming home from work at about 4:30 in the afternoon, our 26-year old son, Christopher Walker, was killed at the hands of another young black. Christopher was simply waiting for a hamburger at a fast food stand just five minutes from our home in Altadena, CA. 

No arrest have been made and no crowds have gathered to protest or demand transparency.  Recently, I was asked to write a piece for a trendy website in which I was to share our family story.  As a part of my piece, I complained about the BLM movement and referred to it as “a joke”.  The editor did not think this was funny and highly disapproved of my reference.  In addition, she expressed that she wanted me to say that the reason our son’s killer has not yet been arrested is because of institutional racism in the police department. According to her, the police are not concerned about black on black crime and also they keep black communities down.

I do not believe these statements to be true. Rather, I believe that no one has been arrested in our son’s case because most blacks don’t want to get involved when they witness a crime.  Because I refused to comply with the agenda, the editor would not post my story.  I now have first-hand experience to see how today’s media and groups like BLM continue to divide our nation. The video below offers more detail about our story.  Please pass it on.  IT MATTERS.

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