Why We Kill and Hate

Hey, what’s in the weed these days,
and who spiked the punch?
Is it the “red” dye in our
Kool-Aid drink that makes us
hate everyone else so much?

What makes a young man kill his own
brother–shoot him down in the street—no
concern for his family, or of a broken
mother’s heartbeat?

What happened to a people who years
before together worked and played
when positive were the goals which,
back in the day, called us all to behave?

Down through the generations, things for us,
somehow changed. But looking back, our
newly adopted attitudes have groomed
many a short grave.

Instead of striving for change, we hurry
on the way to medicate our pain. But, what’s
in the weed these days? Does it simply serve
to numb our brains?

How did we get to this lost place of deceit?
Is there no way to find a return for sweet relief?
What if we took the time to find a more
sober way of life? Are we too drawn to this
never-ending strife?

Though we have all liberties, we choose to repeat.
Perhaps there’s something in the weed
holding us within
it’s vicious cycle
of apathy, guilt and sin.


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