Imagine that ears never again will hear the shining smile

in a loved one’s voice—that minds never more will memorize, or

seize the opportunity to see,


as it builds to arise, in that one’s friendly, laughing eyes.

Imagine that there never will ever be another time for an


parent-to-child discourse; Nor, ever will there be a chance

to enjoy or to endorse

a shared piece of the holiday season’s most

delicious sweet-potato pie.

Imagine that all stimulating conversation is so cruelly

shut down—no longer allowed—as if despised—without

ever being able to suddenly pick-up—a new.

Notice now, how time flies as we realize the end has come

for all those warm and loving morning hugs

in which one can indulge, and savor, and


Unfortunately, I must admit, the definite finality

I find in the thing that so recently and unfairly was


It is a sad and senseless reality in which I

unfortunately, cannot at all see, a victory, really,

for anyone.

Now please, just imagine that the only thing left

by this most imposing theft

is my prayer for God’s strength, for guidance,

and for His grace—by which I will get through,

(I pray),

the grand routine of just one more dark and

cloudy day.

Imagine all of this and so much more, then one clearly

will be able to see

a grieving mother as she now resides way down deep

in the recesses of each

and every part of a broken-heart and a profoundly

confused mind.

But, also imagine, now if you will, just how grateful I must yet


for the dear two beautiful children who now are left

and still remain so near…

Right here, with me.


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