The Hole Within

There is a hole which is hidden away seated in the deepest of depths it now is comfortably at rest
Once buzzing with where you worked and lived—it was genuinely filled with my concern for everything you were and all that you did

Included in this ancient piece was my concern for your success and my thoughts of you for all the best
But recently these have been replaced with the cloudiness of thin air—now emptiness and total frustration have taken their residence—they both abide in there

It would appear that I may fall deeper into its abyss
Though fully aware of my plight, I have no strength nor aim for this fight
With new feelings of hate, I have assembled myself to wait
Yet, ever steadily the hidden hole continues to sand-in just beyond the gate

It has been enlarged to include an abundance of
vast emp-ti-ness there,
How rare!
Apparently, this is the same hole within
which now
had once encompassed
the very essence of you…


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