The Devil’s Cancerous Plan

Abnormal cells unblotted out—left alone and allowed to grow—eventually, though, they find a group—those familiar spirits that we all have seen and know.

Enlarged, cancerous evolutions which cut to devour, kill our “communities” and, folks we claim to love so–they lose all chances for immunity. Slowly, but surely, life within is embroiled then ever so quickly all snuffed out.

Though most are aware of this situation along with its horrid dis-ease, we stand and we shrug broad shoulders, then lie down to accept seemingly everyday occurrences as the way in which those in the “hood” must live and believe.

While allowed to grow going un-addressed, the cancer reaches out. Helpless are the weak similar to the prey of waiting lions who delay, later to descend at an opportune and appropriate peak.

But, true cancer never is complete when affecting just the cell of one, or two. Rather, the multiplication process of these ugly abnormal little things are known to swiftly target an entire crew.

Yet, instead of combating the intrusion as we would that of any other thief, we quiet our voices on this issue till the tragedy of infusion multiplies its reach. Then on every hand the perspective rendered becomes quite bleak.

But, do we ever stop to think how we landed in this place with the number of violent deaths so common among our young men? If we analyze our plight, would we find it all began on the first day that we ignored the devil’s cold and cancerous plan?


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