Lost In Your Last Day

Visions of you continue to come through. I see your deep brown eyes

in my dreams.

Then when I awake, your picture monogramed is clear—a grave reminder

that I keep near.

In my drowsy state, I question, why are you there…

on the front cover of a funeral program?

Conversations that we had, and words that you said,

they just won’t be quiet in my head.

But, instead, they now ring out loud. While buried there, they arise to resonate

and repeat in my ears almost to the point that I wonder in fact,
if others might also hear.

The pure sound of your laughter, and your “killer” smile—all

are in my memory so clear. Then there are the gestures you made,

your proud little walk, and the way in which you talked and dressed–deep

in my heart so seared, as they now all lay down for a winter’s rest.

You’re gone away, yet a small part still remains in the very breath I take

and included in

each movement I make.

My desire is to forget the pain of your death—I sincerely wish that day

could simply be changed to disappear and actually go away.

But, stubbornly, my thoughts remain
wherever they may.
They stay,
and they linger… till I find that I’m lost
right there, once again… in

Your Last Day.


2 thoughts on “Lost In Your Last Day

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  2. Fantastic your words are descriptive. You allow the reader to feel and viualize your every word. We all can feel what you feel ..urula my friend the writer


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